Our Mission

The mission of Tipton Catholic High School is to pursue knowledge and to grow in the Gospel values of Jesus Christ.

Statement of Purpose

The splendid heritage of Catholic education in the Tipton area is an outstanding tribute to the faith, zeal, and sacrifice our laity, sisters, and priests have made over the years. Teaching goodness and discipline, as well as knowledge, must be in the forefront of our efforts. 


Education is the harmonious development of all the powers and capabilities of the body, mind and soul. This includes spiritual, moral, mental, physical, social, and emotional areas. We, as educators, must aim to develop the whole child for the formation of a complete person; we must direct the student to make the present life a preparation for the future life.

Tipton Catholic High School

301 State St.
PO Box 146
Tipton, KS  67485

Phone: 785-373-5835
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Learn About Our School

The Parish of St. Boniface, which has been a prominent feature of the Tipton community since its earliest days, initially established its own elementary and secondary schools. Tipton Catholic High School is a parochial school still serving the St. Boniface Parish and was built and dedicated in 1919.